Hi, I’m Greg.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, I’m doing a bike trip round the Pacific, starting from Britain and heading anticlockwise.  If you haven’t found it yet, go over and see my route map.

I’ve been into cycling since … ooh, since I started secondary school.  I’ve done a bit of racing – which in England mostly means time trialling although I’ve dabbled in other disciplines too.  I’ve never been any great shakes though – I’ve placed top 20 in a couple of national championships, but only the really obscure long distance ones where the big pros never bother.  Touring-wise, I’ve done several trips of up to two weeks, though nothing as long as this before.  So why this route, and why now?

Mundane answers first; I’m going to visit some friends in Southwest China.  After that, it’ll be winter in Britain so I’ll use the opportunity to go explore the southern hemisphere.  On a slightly deeper level, I’ve been wanting do do a trip like this for years – it’s just that something has always managed to get in the way.  A while ago, I saw a window of opportunity and decided to grab it, clear any remaining commitments and make sure I didn’t slip into any new ones.

There are deeper, longer answers that reveal more of my internal hang-ups, but you’ll need to come ride with me to discover those!  If you still want to do that, fantastic, get in touch!  If you’re the sort of kind person who wants to offer me a bed, or just to say hi, that’s also great, please do get in touch.  Oh and back home I’m an engineer by trade, so if you’re in the business of employing RF & Microwave engineers, particularly those with experience in EMC and in biomedical applications, and are hiring around spring-summer 2019 when I’m likely to be finishing this jaunt, please get in touch too!

Enough with the cheeky requests; see you on the road.