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My planned route starts from my home in York and heads down through Europe to Lisbon before I catch a flight to Miami.  I then cross the southern US, cutting through the Texas Panhandle to San Francisco before heading north as far as Anchorage, Alaska.


After I’ve crossed the Pacific, I intend to ride through Japan, South Korea and China to visit my friends Andrew and Laura who live in Guiyang, near Chengdu.  I should get there in early winter 2019, after which I’ll head south, missing the British winter by being on the other side of the equator.


Plans get a bit fuzzy at this point.  I’ve got some more friends – Dave and Shannon – to hopefully visit in Phnom Penh, but after that, I could go a couple of different ways.  The primary aim of this trip is to do exactly whatever I like, so I’ll make my mind up when I get there.  The line on the map ends in Bali and I reckon I’ll fancy a nice relaxing beach holiday by that point, before flying back home to resume normal life.  That’s just an arbitrary point though, so if you notice a dearth of beach snaps, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


P.S. If you’re reading this while I’m en route and you’d like to join in with me for a bit, please do.  Get in touch via this site and I’ll very much look forward to riding with you.


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