Around the Pacific on a bicycle? Really?

Q: Do you really intend to ride round the Pacific on a bicycle?

A: Yes, I really intend to ride around the Pacific on a bicycle.


Q: What, all of it? 

A: Well, most of it.  I don’t intend to do the bits that are seawater, as that would be hard.  I’m also just going to do the bits I want to – I’m not going to slog away somewhere that doesn’t interest me just for the sake of loop integrity.  Then again, I’m getting there from Britain so I’m doing some bits that aren’t remotely near the Pacific:


Q: So where do you go when you’re not near the Pacific?

A: From Britain I’ll ride down to Lisbon and then fly to Miami, and won’t hit the Pacific seaboard until I get to San Francisco – and then when I get to China I’ll go quite a long way inland, miles away from any ocean at all.  All in all though, a Pacific ride is (roughly) what I’m setting out to do.


Q: So where exactly are you going again? 

A: See my Route Page!


Q: Oh okay then.  But on a bicycle?  Really?  Why?!
A: If you have to ask …